Your Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktail

This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers, skip the chocolate, and move straight on to the cocktails.

Cyndi Ramirez and Adam Fulton are not only one of the most chic and effortlessly-cool couples we have the pleasure of knowing, but they also happen to be full-fledged tastemakers. Cyndi’s the founder of Taste the Style, and together with her fiancé Adam, the pair co-own one of our absolute favorite downtown establishments, The Garret. That means they know a thing or two about making a cocktail—which is precisely why we tapped the couple to get their take on Valentine’s-Day libations. Get their story, what they always stock a bar cart with and a delicious cocktail recipe made for sipping this V-Day.

How are you two planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?
Cyndi: “As I’m sure most New Yorkers know, it’s impossible to get a decent reservation on Valentine’s Day. No one likes a prix fixe, and if you plan within one week of Valentine’s Day, you get stuck with a 5:30 reservation. This year we’re considering taking a day trip to Hudson. Their restaurants are cozy and lovely, and it’s a nice departure from the V-Day/Fashion Week madness. We also plan on getting a little crazy with our Love & Paint kit. I’ll let you figure out what that means…”

What’s your favorite thing about each other?
Cyndi: “Adam is a superhero to me. He’s smart, hardworking, generous, warm, loving, understanding, supportive, handsome. I don’t know how he does it. But what I love and appreciate most about him is his ability to make me feel like a million dollars. I’m a more confident person because of him—he makes me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Adam: “This question is rigged! It’s impossible to name one singular trait of your significant other that you identify out as favorite in some way. If I had to single out one thing just for today, maybe it’s her unwavering pursuit of a good time. I can get into some funks where I don’t want to do this or that, and she always helps pull me out to appreciate the moment.”

What’s on the menu at the Garret this February 14th?
Adam: “Our cocktails are pretty damn sexy. My favorite is the Detroit Dancehall: It’s Rhum Barbancourt Blanc, Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star, beet juice, lime, orgeat, vinegar and a salt rim. It doesn’t sound particularly sexy, but the color is so sultry.”

On to the cocktails….tell us about the drink you chose to make for us.
Adam: “We turned to our beverage director to help us with this because he’s better at whipping up cocktails than us (shoutout to Grant Wheeler!). We opted for a smoky, sweet and citrusy concoction called Salty Lips.”

Salty Lips Cocktail, serves 1

  • 1.5 oz Mezcal
  • .5 oz Dimmi
  • .75 oz Orgeat
  • .75 oz lime juice
  • A hibiscus salt rim
  • Shake and pour over ice

If you had to choose, what would be your relationship’s signature cocktail?
Cyndi: “A Mezcal Negroni. It’s smoky, sometimes bitter, but overall smooth with a balanced finish.”

What five things should your bar cart always be stocked with?

  • A shaker and strainer
  • A bar spoon
  • A good bourbon
  • Orange bitters
  • A delicious sweetener, preferably agave

So many fancy tools…what’s really necessary?
Adam: “Tin shaker, a strainer, muddler and a small grader.”

Shaken or stirred?
Cyndi: “We don’t discriminate.”

Photo Credit: Lydia Hudgens