Feb 5, 2016

In Defense of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. People joke over how tacky boxed-chocolates are and how horribly forced it all feels. And when one of us genuinely does look forward to the holiday, we feel it necessary to place it under some sort of pretense of it being a guilty pleasure. Well, we’re not into this. And we’re here to defend Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to celebrating…do you
The problem most often cited with Valentine’s Day is the pressure to make the day feel like the most incredible day of the year. Somewhere along the line, we got the notion that in order to “succeed” at celebrating Valentine’s Day, it needs to unfold like the plot of a Woody Allen movie. Take a page from Marissa Webb’s book: When asked what was in store for her Valentine’s Day celebrations, she says, “It’s three days after my show, so I’ll probably be lounging in my stretchy lycra, watching superhero movies.”

Suspend your disbelief
Yes, teddy bears hugging heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are cheesy, but that’s okay. Veronica Miele Beard, one half of the Veronica Beard design duo, says, “There’s an entire holiday that celebrates love! I can still remember being in grade school and getting butterflies my stomach opening a secret admirer’s telegram! It’s one of life’s finest moments, feeling admired.” Valentine’s Day is, if nothing else, a day to press pause, smell the roses and appreciate the ones you love.

The day is surprisingly single-friendly
Yes, celebrating your love for your beau over a candlelit dinner is of course an amazing way to spend the holiday—but there are so many other ways to celebrate for those of us not in romantic relationships. Do as Marysia’s Maria Dobrzanska Reeves does and let your BFFs know you care the old-school way. “I send my best friends little love notes to let them know how much I love them,” she says.

We leave you with this: Live in the moment, embrace the cliché and if all else fails, take solace in the fact that chocolate everywhere will be half price come February 15th.