Meet the Artist: Baron Von Fancy

His signature font and command of the double entendre can be seen all over the city: five stories up on the side of a building, prominently displayed on a larger than life billboard, even via stickers littering NYC (reading these, you probably learned that Mercury was in f***ing retrograde).

Baron Von Fancy is not only a master of words—he’s also a master of social media. “I see myself as an artist, but also as a brand in many ways.” Using Instagram as a public portfolio, he quickly gained 80,000 followers and landed an exhibition at famed Parisian boutique Colette.

How does he land on the phrases he ends up designing? Simply by testing them out on his Twitter fans. “I find the phrases I want to draw by simply listening,” he says. “From overheard small talk on the train, to songs I love, to profound written word—when the words hit me in a certain way, I know I need to put them to paper.”

So what happens when we get together with an Insta-famous artist? Collaboration magic that only Baron Von Fancy himself can put into words. We enlisted the artist to put his signature mark on our Spring Trend Report and create three original works each inspired by the trends of the season: Nouveau Nautical, Modern Maximalist and Victoriana Revival. We then blew up each of the original paintings and used them as the backdrop of our Spring Trend Report shoot.

Because we want to share the BVFxINTERMIX love, each of these original paintings will be available for purchase at Stop by #INTERMIXbowery to see them for yourself and check out the styles that inspired the works. Can’t get enough? Get your hands on a limited-edition tote inspired by the shoot.

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