Feb 1, 2016

A Month of Healthy Habits With Hannah Bronfman’s HBFit

As soon as the clock strikes midnight and it’s officially January 1stof the New Year, our dedication to the resolutions we’ve just made are almost tangibly unwavering. And if we’re being honest, we’re almost always resolving to live our healthiest year yet. And after a month of solid dedication, we could use some motivation come February 1st. 

Since we know we’re not alone in this, we decided to tap Hannah Bronfman’s health and wellness team at HBFit for their guidance on staying motivated and healthy. Their site is chock-full of recipes, exercise tips—even meditation instruction. Here’s how Hannah got started with HBFit and her own wellness journey.

For the month of February, HBFit and INTERMIX will be tweeting out one fit tip every day aimed to help you be your best self. Follow #INTERMIXFitTip on Twitter to get in on the action!

The aha! moment that started it all…
Hannah’s passion for health and wellness developed after she was diagnosed with Leaky Gut six years ago. She had just gotten out of a toxic relationship which manifested itself in her digestive system, ultimately resulting in acne. From there, she began to understand how much the internal and external are linked—and her curiosity peaked. She’s been on her wellness journey ever since.

On making little changes gradually…
Since it’s not really sustainable to cut out every inflammatory food (dairy, gluten, refined sugar) at once, Hannah and the HBFit team suggest starting out with one workout for an hour a day and to stop drinking. It’s all about being kind to yourself and moving every day, whether it’s with a yoga class with  before work or just a 15 minute HIIT YouTube video when you get home. Challenge yourself to drink water every hour and make it a point to count your vegetables.

On maintaining a work/life balance…
For Hannah, it’s all about balancing her passions with her personal life. Since DJ gigs usually happen in the evening, it’s about getting her workout and business meetings done early in the day. Basically, iCal is her best friend.

Photos from: HBFit