Jan 16, 2016

#OffDuty With Marissa Webb

Spend ten minutes with Marissa Webb, and you’ll quickly learn that the designer is a New Yorker through-and-through. Not only has she made her home in the city, but she’s rooted her namesake line here and built her brand on the city’s fashion scene–all that’s missing is the accent.

We couldn’t help but wonder how a woman who’s constantly on the move in the city that never sleeps spends her hard-earned days off. To get the scoop, we spent 24 hours with Marissa to find out exactly what’s she’s up to. From the puppy park to dinner in NoHo—here’s how she spends her perfect Saturday off.


Marissa in her Brunella Silk Back Blazer

7:30 AM
“I always start with my favorite coffee–caffeine straight up.”


8:45 AM
“The News Bar is my absolute go-to coffee and breakfast spot. It’s right around the corner from my home. That’s our first stop on our way to the puppy park with the kids, Troy and Molly.”


“The best moments are play time with Troy and Molly. Troy has such a personality, it’s hard to keep up! That face gets me every time. He won’t go anywhere without his lion doll.”


Marissa in her Iona Military Jacket 

8:30 PM
“Dinner with my fiancé is usually a mix of steak and seafood. Some of my neighborhood spots are BondSt, Strip House and Gemma.”