The Veronica Beard Guide To Uptown Vs. Downtown

In a city where restaurants seemingly pop-up overnight and you can’t walk a block without passing a coffee shop, it’s hard to distinguish the best spots from the worst. And since we’re always on the lookout for a good recommendation, we decided to ask stylish New York-based designers Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard of Veronica Beard for their top neighborhood picks. Find out where the duo hangs both uptown and downtown.

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Veronica Miele Beard’s Uptown

  1. Café Carlyle: “The perfect spot for a fun, easy night out with exceptional live music.”
  2. Joe’s Coffee: ”Every morning, I start my day with a coffee from Joe’s. It’s a totally necessary part of my morning routine.”
  3. Central Park Zoo: “Visiting the Central Park Zoo is my idea of a perfect afternoon with the kids.”
  4. Il Mulino: “Reservations are near impossible to get, but the Italian eatery is totally worth the wait.”
  5. Serendipity 3: “As far as New York institutions go, this is definitely one. Come for the history stay for the amazing brunch.”


Veronica Swanson Beard’s Downtown

  1. ABC Kitchen: “It’s super close to the office, which makes it the perfect place for a quick lunch meeting.”
  2. Prana Power Yoga: “100% necessary.”
  3. Luther Antiques: “I can always count on this boutique to find something amazing and completely unique.”
  4. Il Cantinori: “Incredible Italian food. It’s practically my second kitchen!”
  5. The Water Fountain in Washington Square Park: “I bring my kids here to let loose. It’s a true downtown gem.”