Your City, Your Style: Uptown vs. Downtown Beauty

When we went out to shoot our latest Your City, Your Style video in New York with INTERMIX Fashion Director Gia Ghezzi, we knew we needed to work with a beauty team who really gets the essence of the city. Naturally we got in touch with the experts at Warren-Tricomi to finish off Gia’s look uptown and downtown. Plus, we managed to get some secrets out of co-founder Edward Tricomi. Read them here.

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What is the one product that can transform your look between uptown chic and downtown edge?
“Hairspray—It takes you from uptown chic to downtown edge with just a few spritzes and allows any look to come to life.”

Which products did you use to create Gia’s uptown and downtown looks?
“I used a little bit of our own Warren-Tricomi Mousse to give the hair some texture and Warren-Tricomi Finishing Cream at the ends to smooth it out.”

What’s your favorite beauty secret?
“My secret is the ‘Magic Set.’ All you need to do is take your hair into a high pony tail right on top of your head and then split it into four sections. Take a curling iron and curl each of the four sections into different directions, pinning them down as you go along. Let the curls sit for five minutes, pull out the pony tail and voilà: Perfect, glamorous curls in minutes.”