Summer Work Out Tips From Go Figure Barre Studio (And An Exclusive Offer!)

We hope you’ve heard the big news: We’ve opened our first ever Arizona location at INTERMIX Scottsdale, and we can’t wait to get in the neighborhood and catch up with our favorite hang outs.

Up first on our list? Go Figure, an intimate barre studio with excellent instructors. In fact, starting July 21st, the first 75 people to make a purchase at INTERMIX Scottsdale will receive a free class at Go Figure and an exclusive tote and yoga mat.

Already a GF regular? Also starting on July 21st, the first 60 people to purchase a full-price package at Go Figure receive our tote, yoga mat and $50 off $300 card to INTERMIX Scottsdale.

Getting ready for the barre? Get to know which positions GF instructors Michelle Caruso and Kelly Welty recommend for before heading to your next class:

Side Stretch
This is great for lengthening and elongating the waist! With one leg on the barre it’s also a great stretch for the inner thigh.  Try this at home by placing one leg on a steady chair (or on a counter if you’re more advanced), letting the hips open up. Then reach the outside arm up and over and repeat.

Leg Lifts
Where do we begin with all the benefits of this simple (yet so challenging) exercise? In our barre class using The Figure Method, we always focus on strengthening our muscles followed by a stretch to create that lean dancer body. The focus is at the top of the thigh when the leg is parallel, and then the inner thigh when the leg is slightly turned out. We are strengthening the muscle but at the same time lengthening through the toes to reach a little further, but not necessarily higher.

We focus on the entire seat here: the side, corner and underneath! In addition to lifting and toning the seat, the Pretzel also tones the mid-section. Posture is important here; the mid-section works by contracting the core and holding the upper body tight.