What To Get Engraved On Your Own Giles & Brother Cuff

Philip and Courtney Crangi’s signature Giles & Brother cuffs has become a staple in our daily bracelet stack. We love mixing these classic pieces together to create our own unique look and we’re always looking for ways to make our arm parties feel unique to us. That’s why we’re hosting a special event with the designer so you can take your personalization further and engrave your own Giles & Brother cuff right on the spot. Not sure what to get? Check out some suggestions below, courtesy of Philip.

Get your own personalized cuff from Giles & Brother and listen to music spun by Hannah Bronfman of Beautified at our upcoming event:

November 21, 7-9pm
INTERMIX Bowery, 332 Bowery

A special date:
“When I stamp a gift for my family and friends, I want it to be super special. I love to put the date of some amazing experience. When my best friend got married, I gave everybody in the wedding party a railroad spike with the date of her wedding stamped on it. It means so much to everybody. And it can really be anything: the date of that great trip we all went on together, the birth of a niece or nephew…as long as it’s about that shared experience.”

A word that resonates with you:
“Speaking of the above, when Courtney, my sister and partner in Giles & Brother, was celebrating her first Mother’s Day after giving birth to her daughter Coco, I stamped her very first personalized  railroad spike cuff for her with “MOMMY.” I think it’s her favorite thing…she never takes it off. And I love it when ever I see it on her.”

A memorable location:
“Courtney, the rest of the Crangi family and I spend our summers out on Fire Island. Maybe it’s because we grew up on the beach in Florida, but beaches are my favorite place to go to in the world. Fire Island is the most magical, so I would stamp that.”