Tech Update The Latest Luxuries

We love technology. Whether you’re looking for the latest gadget or application for your coveted iPhone5, we’ve got you covered.  Here are the latest must-have digital luxuries.

Qooq, $399

Channel your inner chef with the kitchen-only, cuisine-specific tablet, Qooq. In addition to the 1,000+ pre-loaded recipes, there are 4,000 exclusive recipes from top European chefs including Flocons de Sel’s Emmanuel Renaut and Le Raphael’s chef, Armanine Chaignot. Splash-, spill- and shock-proof, this kitchen tablet tells you exactly what ingredients and utensils you will need for the recipe. The application automatically generates a shopping list, provides nutritional facts, and suggests wine pairings while you to listen to music, browse the web, watch videos or answer emails.

Photo Credit: Qooq


Hailo, FREE

Need prompt car service in London, Toronto, Chicago, Boston and Dublin? Download European iPhone and Droid taxi-hailing application, Hailo. Coming soon to New York City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Madrid, Hailo tells you when your car will arrive, automatically pays for each ride via your credit card and allows you to track travel. Safe travels!

Photo Credit: Hailo

Lytro camera, $399 – $499

Hailed as one of the biggest leaps in photography since digital replaced film, the Lytro camera takes “living pictures. ” This means that after these images can be refocused and have their perspective changed after they’re shot. Created by Ren Ng, Lytro’s light-field technology captures directional data that remembers every possible photo that could be taken when you press the shutter. For example, you take a picture of your friend in front of the Eiffel Tower and with the tap of a button, you blur out the Tower or your friend, creating two completely different images and stories.

Photo Credit: Lytro