Dec 4, 2012

Catching Up with A.L.C. Designer, Andrea Lieberman

We had the chance to sit down with Andrea Lieberman – the designer behind A.L.C. – to talk about the holiday season. Andrea gave us the inside scoop on her gifting ideas, New Year’s resolutions, and winter travel plans. Here’s what she had to say:

Before walking out the door, you look in the mirror one last time to __________
Decide whether I need to tie my hair back or if I can get away with leaving it down (it always ends up in a bun by the end of the day).

Must-have accessory for the winter season?
I love an oversized scarf that can be wrapped several times and double as a blanket when I’m flying.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? 
My family has become suckers for holiday decorations – I think our four year old and two year old are to blame, regardless we always end up with a very festive home.

Three top gifts – for a guy, for a girl, for a child:
Guy – My husband is a filmmaker and tech junky so I like to find him the latest gadget – it could be a camera, phone, tablet, etc. I usually inherit the older versions so it’s win-win.

Girl – I always say, when in doubt give jewelry. It doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy, if you see something that speaks to you, go for it.

Child – Anything from Trico Field in Beverly Hills, they have the most amazing children’s clothes from Japanese brands that are impossible to find anywhere else so everything you buy feels special and one of a kind.

A killer holiday party look for a work function would consist of:
I love a pencil skirt right now – especially for a day to night look. For an office party you can pair a pencil skirt with a silk shirt, an aggressive heel and a great piece of jewelry.

A chic holiday party outfit to impress your friends over cocktails would consist of:
Embellishment is key during the holiday season but that doesn’t have to mean all-over sequins or beading.  I think subtle shine or light beading can be equally effective – I love pairing our metallic lace pant with a silk blouse and great shoe.

You love being a designer, but you also secretly love __________
Being a mother – but that’s not so secret.

What are the most exciting items to design and where does the thrill come into play, e.g. accessories, blazers, shirting?
I love working with leather and playing with non-traditional shapes, details and colors to create interesting pieces that you might not expect.

Describe the ultimate A.L.C. girl.
The ultimate A.L.C. girl wants to wear clothes that make her feel comfortable and confident. She has an appreciation for luxury and a global sensibility.

Intermix is unique because __________
It’s a one stop shop – they have something for every occasion.

Over the years, what’s the best exclusive you feel you’ve created for INTERMIX?
The Olivia pleated dress is one of my favorites, I think it’s universally flattering, comfortable and appropriate for so many occasions. We bring it back for Intermix each season because it’s just one of those great pieces that everyone should own.

Secret recipes for the holidays? Topnotch eggnog, a twist on hot chocolate?
My husband is the most amazing cook – maybe this year he will let me in on one of his secrets.

Do you escape LA for the holiday season, or do you stay put?
We always take a family trip to Mexico around the holidays, it’s one of the rare opportunities I have to unwind and we all look forward to it throughout the year.

Any resolutions we should know about for the new year?
Find more time for myself.