May 16, 2012

All You Need To Lure Don Draper Into Your Living Room

We look forward to Sunday night all week long; watching “Mad Men” is sheer bliss. And, following it up with HBO’s “Girls” isn’t such a bad idea. So, why not have a few people over for a viewing party? It’s a good excuse to spruce up your space…

Whether your decor style is more Peggy Olsen or Hannah Horvath, these sexy bar carts will cater to any crowd you’re entertaining on Sunday night. If you’re an inspired, struggling writer, who lives in Brooklyn and doesn’t have room for bar carts, put your creativeness to use and achieve that same look by adding a cool tray to your dresser or desk while entertaining. If you prefer the more classic, Mad Men look, go with a traditional cart, and style with a unique vase of flowers, a set of colored glasses, and a nice bottle of scotch. Cocktail anyone?