Feb 28, 2012

Check Out This Cool Way To ‘Freeze Clean’ Your Denim

For all you self-proclaimed denim enthusiasts, we’re excited to share our latest care tip. To ensure your go-to denim stays fresh, we encourage freezing your jeans rather than washing. Associate buyer, Barbie Cavaleri, swears by this chilling technique and calls it her “at-home dry clean.”

The freeze clean method will remove bacteria, preserve dark dyes and special finishes, and restore shape. After investing in this season’s trends—like coated jeans and leather detailing—be sure to use this method to maintain your denim’s waxy look and shine! Here’s how…

  1. Spot clean stains and let jeans dry completely.
  2. Fold lengthwise twice, then smooth out wrinkles.
  3. Place jeans in zip lock bag and close tightly without air.
  4. Place jeans in freezer for a minimum of 24 hours.
  5. Thaw, wear, repeat!